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What’s the most effective ED medication for impotence?

In this article I will cover the basics in regards to impotence in men and the importance of erectile dysfunction medications treating impotency. Let’s pull out the three leading erectile dysfunction medications and we will talk about Levitra vs. Viagra. Some facts about impotency Another name for impotency is erectile dysfunction, and it affects men anywhere from 21 and older, it is a problem of over 150 million men worldwide. The statistics say that for every 10 men 1 of … Continue reading

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Levitra and erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the case when a man can not have a firm erection long enough to have sex. This is usually the problem of older men, but sometimes it can happen to men of any age. Because of this problem men can get problems in their relationships and they lose confidence and get pretty soon depressed. There was a time when erectile dysfunction or impotence was a banned topic, and it is not so any longer and men can … Continue reading

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Where to find a reputable Canadian pharmacy

In many recent studies there have been reports showing that over 2 million individuals and steadily growing ones use online pharmacies and prefer to order their medications online. However there are a big number of companies online that will sell you drugs online without asking for your prescription, so be careful because these drugs usually will have a bad effect on your health and can turn out to be not what you ordered or need. There are many different ways … Continue reading

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Heart Attack – FAQs

Q. What is a heart attack? This condition happens when the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart muscle is blocked by a thromb in a coronary artery. This condition is very serious as if the blockage is not managed within a short period of time, the heart muscle will be irreversible damaged. Q. What are the causes of a heart attack? A. Coronary artery disease is one of the most typical underlying causes of a heart attack. With … Continue reading

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Drugs Used in A Heart Attack Treatment

In this article I would like to speak about the medications commonly used in people who have had a heart attack. These days there is a number of medications which can effectively treat a heart attack as well as prevent heart attacks in future.  The following are medications most widely used in a heart attack treatment. They are: Thrombolytic Medicines Thrombolytic medicines, or clot busters, are used right after a heart attack occurred when catheterization is not immediately available. This … Continue reading

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Guidelines of American Academy of Neurology/American Headache Society Regarding Preventing Migraine Attacks

American Academy of Neurology/American Headache Society has recently released the guidelines which lay out effective medication treatments that can be used as preventive measures from migraine attacks and which can help to lessen the severity of this condition significantly. According to guidelines introduced on the AAN ‘s website, near 40 % of patients suffering from migraine need  preventive therapy, but only 3 to 13% currently take preventive measures.  What is worse is the fact that a great number of patients … Continue reading

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